Nathan Collis

Nathan Collis

Design Arts
LCI Melbourne

Textile Design: Patterns of Melbourne

Undertaking Visual Literacy studies at the Academy of Design Australia, we were given a brief that entailed developing a textile pattern themed around the city of Melbourne concerned with some sort of cultural niche that is associated with the city. Melbourne, being a cultural hub for the arts and design prompted the idea of working with marbled paint in a monochromatic blue hue that comes to be associated with the cities laneways and the Melbourne Metro. I've stylised the pattern in a manner which it would be applicable to a variety of surfaces.

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Design Arts/LCI Melbourne/w7jmh9gg15uehytwsdmd5vyfgvwadcjy
Design Arts/LCI Melbourne/d9zu6qf9x1baoe6jirig3vmkeucgzqgh
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