SMCL Fashion Show

I was the fashion show coordinator for the annual fashion show at College LaSalle.

Fashion Marketing/LaSalle College | Montréal/0j3hwygkzeeb5iuw5v4t2zfmibc9f3yc
The fashion show coo

The fashion show coordinator title included the following tasks: 1. Find our concept based on current fashion industry trends. 2. Organize a photo shoot that displays our fashion show concept. 3. Creating promotional content for the show. 4. Find sponsors, mannequins, clothing, etc 5. Decide on the stage design, the lighting, music, visual effects, etc. 6. Make sure everything runs smoothly.

Our concept: ALTER EGO. We all have alternative selves, regardless if they are super heroes or evil twins. We are inviting them to travel with us through different styles. These styles are distinct yet intimately linked. Through fashion, we will meet them and express their personalities.