Eliana Rodriguez

Eliana Rodriguez

LaSalle College | Montréal


The following section presents information about my education, my professional experiences and my professional goals.

I studied at the San


I studied at the Santa Maria Stella Maris school from first grade until eleventh grade (last year of high school in Colombia). There, I was able to combine my regular education with extracurricular activities such as culinary, kickball, volleyball and arts.

At tenth grade, I re


At tenth grade, I received a diploma as a public recognition for my demonstrated effort presenting a business proposal. My idea of business was focused on giving a completely new image to the regular popcorns that we normally eat in Cali by adding new flavors such as chocolate, dulce de leche, cheddar cheese, and condensed milk. My first idea of business ended up being a complete success in the Entrepreneur's fair at school when all the assistants tasted the product and clearly showed their approval.

Learning English bec


Learning English became a priority for me when I was in high school because I knew that being bilingual would represent for me a great opportunity in my professional path. However, what I did not know at that moment was that I would also benefit enormously from it in a more personal way by having the opportunity to interact with people from around the world and to learn from their culture. This is the reason why, with the support of my family, I traveled to The Unite States in November 2013 to learn English. This amazing opportunity allowed me to practice my English, to learn more vocabulary and expressions and to realize the importance of cultural exchanges for the development of my professional career.

French has always be


French has always been a language that I have been interested in so in order to learn it, I decided to come to Montreal where I am able to practice it on a regular basis. Presently, I am taking my fifth level of French at Concordia University where I have been able not only to improve my communication skills but also I have gained the confidence to speak and express myself in this language.



CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE I worked as a Customer Service Representative in the company Fusion BPO Services located in Montreal, Quebec in 2016. Working in this company represented for me a great opportunity to gain valuable experience, to upgrade my already existing skills and also to develop new abilities that are crucial in my professional career. Establishing solid relationships with customers and communicating a good corporate image were some of the abilities and skills that I was able to develop working in the company by handling customer's complaints and providing customer service. TEAM MEMBER Since October 2017, I have been working in the restaurant KFC and TacoBell located in Montreal. This has been a challenging job for me since it has been the first time I had to serve customers face to face, however, it has also been one of the most enriching experiences I have had so far. The opportunity to interact with the customers and connect with them has made me aware of a hidden passion that I didn't know I had and that is providing a good experience to customers only through my body language. This job has allowed me to see how a good and respectful attitude on behalf of a staff member could have such a positive impact on a customer and the way they perceive a company's service.

As a person fascinat


As a person fascinated by business, I always try to take all the opportunities that I have to learn about new business practices that can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of a company. This is the reason why going to business forums and conferences has become one of my favorite activities since I began my professional formation.