Eliana Rodriguez

Eliana Rodriguez

LaSalle College | Montréal


The present project provides an overview of my personal life that includes my main interests, experiences, and objectives.

I was born in Cali,


I was born in Cali, the third largest city in Colombia. Spanish is the language spoken in the Colombia so it became my mother tongue. My hometown is known for being "Salsa Music World's Capital", therefore salsa music became an essential part of me while I was growing up.

My family represents


My family represents for me my biggest support and motivation to accomplish all my goals and objectives. They have always been present when I have needed them. My parents raised me making sure that I would understand the importance that education has for a person who wishes to have a positive impact in the world. Therefore, I grew up appreciating each opportunity that I have to expand my knowledge and I still think that education has been one of the best gifts that my parents have given to me.

My favorite sport is


My favorite sport is cheerleading. I started practicing it when I was ten years old and it became my passion. Cheerleading taught me that motivation, mutual understanding, and common goals are key concepts for a successful team. In addition, it also allowed me to realize that successful teamwork happens when we learn to work with the different abilities and capacities of each person to achieve a common goal.

I am currently part


I am currently part of the volunteers' team in the organization On Our Own located in Montreal, Quebec. Some specific nights of the month, I go to the organization to look after the children that are part of the program while their mothers are in a meeting. Spending time with them gives me the opportunity to laugh, play and have a good time with some of the most grateful people I have ever met. This experience has made me realize that volunteering is not only about helping others but it also represents an opportunity to learn and to grow as a person. Now I can say with certainty that being a volunteer is one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had.