Stones Throw Records Zine

“Stones Throw Records challenged perceptions of the genre by using skewed and distorted sounds.” – The Guardian. Under the direction of founder and DJ Peanut Butter Wolf, Stones Throw has released numerous albums across a variety of genres since its inception in 1996. Fast-forward to the year 2016, Stones Throw Records is celebrating their 20th anniversary. A zine has been created to commemorate the label that embodies the fundamentals of progressive music – both in and outside of hip-hop. This design pays homage to the main pioneers MF Doom; J Dilla and Madlib and their alter egos, ultimately becoming a memorabilia set for fans.

Design Arts/LCI Melbourne/mgjlqe91mwphgzdzho6hx5qfu94azviv
Design Arts/LCI Melbourne/nbjgfcatqv2qreytm3yphpi4j93c8z3y