Without knowing it, every day we are cultivating our own brand. The cold, hard, definition of a brand is the perceptions, ideas, concepts, and visuals that distinguish one product from others in the same market. So, when you think about it, the way you speak, work, communicate and write, it all adds up to create a personality that distinguishes you from others, thus establishing your own personal brand. Maramin's job is to effectively communicate the intended message of the project at hand visually to a specified audience. The designer does this through arranging type, symbols, colors, and imagery to create a brand "feel" related to the business they are working with for the project at hand. A graphic designer works on: visual brand identity which includes: logo designs, business cards, brochures, flyers, folders, print advertisements, postcards, company letterhead & envelopes, booklets, catalogs, packaging design, greeting cards and invitations, social media pages including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, as well as web advertisements, and web graphic elements.

Business Cards

Business Cards

Business Cards

Graphic Design/LCI Barranquilla/Poster


Graphic Design/LCI Barranquilla/Stationary


Graphic Design/LCI Barranquilla/Letterhead


Brand Manual

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