Australia Fashion Awards Entry 2017

Photo: Koreigh Conduit As an entry into the Australian Fashion Awards for Australian Gown of the Year, this gown aimed to create a futuristic style through the use of fabric and plastic moulded accessories featured in the ensemble. The print on the sheer fabric shifts and undulates as the wearer moves it while playing off the shine of the clear, heat moulded Worbla plastic. This gown was awarded the Encouragement award for 2017.

Design Arts/LCI Melbourne/iq0q59v1xki0brmjkl84ub5nmauj6n5i
Design Arts/LCI Melbourne/glcpuagtj6sgrtyo8odl174crtgrcqal
Design Arts/LCI Melbourne/901aha4etsoe8lndz8bqrgx5vseluvtu