Island of gods

Bali, an island that is thick with its culture and religion. Mostly, citizens of Bali are adhered to Hindhu religion and because their beliefs to the god is so strong, there are many puras built in Bali. Therefore, Bali sometimes is called ‘Island of Thousand Puras’ or ‘Islad of gods’. Not only famous for its culture and puras, Bali is also a paradise for the beautiful beach, sunset and sunrise scenery. Other that those mention before, this island also famous for the art, such as woodvraft, tenganan geringsing, and many others. This collection is inspired from this beautiful island with silhouette infuenced from 14th-15th century that gives slim and tall look for women. The dominant colors are dark red and black. With details such as embroidery, beading, drapery, etc, this collection is for sophisticated 20-30 years old woman

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