Juan Vargas

Juan Vargas

Information Technology
LaSalle College | Montréal

Xbooru Project

The project aims to create an image hosting website that is extremely lightweight, with a Tags system that will allow to query images quickly and manage users that can add their own comments about the images in the website. Based on the Booru project GIT framework, I've been able to set up an own managed Web Site on based on PHP, SQL database, and Apache from XAMPP (lampp). Currently running in a RHEL/Centos 6 server. Open now! http://pcrules.ddns.net

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The Homepage

Currently running in

The Framework

Currently running in an old re-purposed phenom x4 II

Current database run

The Database

Current database running in SQL and PHPmyAdmin. Keeps track of tags, posts, users, passwords, etc...

Currently working in

PHP Code

Currently working in optimizing uploads and strengthening security.