The year is 2084. An apocalyptic upheaval has resulted in entropy even as a group of survivors fight to restore society’s strength physically, mentally and emotionally. The leaders of these survivors are known to their followers as the ‘Warrior-Artists’. These are men and women who are not only fiercely resilient but who also draw their power from their creative abilities to reuse, reduce and recycle whatever Nature has not taken away from them. My Warrior-Artist in this case is a former Fashion Designer who finds herself equally broken by the apocalypse but unlike others, she uses her creative core to re-establish the use of bygone garments, old button sets and dismantled window cages. By doing so, she follows a trend that humanity has encompassed throughout the ages: recreate negentropy through a bold fashion statement that is both eye-catching and functional thereby setting the stage for futuristic creations. I hope you will all enjoy this evolutionary perspective and the original design that I birthed from it.

Fashion Design/LaSalle College | Montréal/k4455eonygbgyhd8o129yzynkkms7vpc
Fashion Design/LaSalle College | Montréal/1f0welfqbtyxsqi6ywf5r8pgv1nh20vr
Fashion Design/LaSalle College | Montréal/l9wpacqzduomyqcfkx4qbbadki7njc90