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Education, Event Planning, Human Resources


I was born in United States of America and raised in Colombia; I came to Montreal on the fall semester of 2016 after graduating with a bachelor in Psychology from CES University, Colombia. I started the Early Childhood Education DEC at LaSalle college this year. I speak Spanish, English, and I go to French clases twice a week to keep improving it. I decided to become an educator after having the privilege of doing a one year internship in a daycare as the psychologist, and realizing I really wanted to keep working in this environment but directly with children and their families. Early childhood experiences set the tone for success in all aspects of future and I want to be part of this process, by providing children with support, guidance, empathy, love and creating a safe and stimulating environment where they can develop socially, physically, emotionally and cognitively. I'm enthusiastic in my professional and personal life. I'm caring and patient with people of all ages and I really enjoy to get involved and collaborating with all staff members, which I also think is fundamental to maintain a positive work environment. In my spare time , I love to do different types of exercise such as dancing, boxing and cycling. I also enjoy trying different types of food, painting, watching movies and traveling around the world as often as I can.

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-Passionate about contributing to the emotional, intellectual and physical development of children.
-Enthusiastic, creative, caring and patient with people of all ages.
-Ability to communicate and collaborate easily with all levels of staff members.


-Educational psychologists, Mañanitas; Medellín, Colombia -June 2015-June 2016
Advising and providing tools to teachers of the daycare for better development in classes.Assisting parents in private sessions. Directing seminars for parents and/or teachers of topics concerning children development. Leading activities for child rights awareness.

-Neuropsychologist assistant, Clinica ces; Medellín, Colombia - 2015
Assisting the neuropsychologist in applying, scoring and making recommendations of test to children. Collaborating in cognitive and Neuro rehabilitation therapy.

-Saleswoman, lexor; Miami,Florida - 2008-2009
Submitting orders by referring to price list and qualities of the different products. Storing, recording and price tagging merchandise. Selling products directly to customers.


-DEC in early childhood education, LaSalle college- present.
-French course, LaSalle college-present.
-First Aid training, Red Cross certification.
-Bachelor in psychology, CES UNIVERSITY , Medellín, Colombia-2016.
-Diploma in Neuro development and early childhood, CES university, Medellín ,Colombia 2015.
-Intensive English course, university of Miami, Miami, Florida -2008-2009.