Womenswear brand Peachy was made for the urban vintage woman, using the soft feminine pink and scents of a fresh peach as a motif. Work with this brand stemmed over a period of two quarters, where the brand was developed from the logo to the finished brand book, and then taken over to a collaboration with film students into creating a brand video. The conclusion was through planning a promotional event and ad campaign to promote the brand's launch.

Peachy Brand Book

The brand book was developed to further explain the brand's vision statement and mission as well as address technical aspects such as target markets, packaging details, color schemes and font styles. The book acted as a visual aid for consumers and industry figures to understand the brand's style and theme by providing many photos of garments, models, and other imagery.

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Peachy Brand Video

The brand video was a collaboration with film students in making a promotional video for the launch of Peachy as well as showcasing the FW 2017 collection. Brand Development/Styling/Creative Director: Tiffany Yoon Camera/Director: Hilton John Villanueva Editing: Randeep Kang Casting: Diane Lee Model: Phoebe Miu