Video Montage collaboration with Professional Photographer and former Inter Dec College teacher Michel Cloutier

"Integra" Photoshoot BTS Montage

FOLLOW ME ON Instagram: @Akumanistic 天 @Akumanistic 天 @Akumanistic 天 Featuring: Photographer : Michel Cloutier Photographe Model: Viktoriya Gera Makeup & Hair Stylist: Alexandre Deslauriers Assistants: Rebeca Alfonzo Basma Tuleimat Cedric Crouchon Jessy Deroche Audrey-Ann Beaule Michel Merce Directed & Edited by :@Akumanistic Soundtrack: The Posterz - "Rumble" This montage was shot during our Class Session with our Teacher Michel, it was a great experience to shoot with a Professional Photographer as my sensei who is still active in the field. I had no IDEA what i was going to produce video when i arrived to the set at 9:00AM, i brought my camera with ONE battery, thinking i wasn't even going to use it... ONLY watch, luckily the studio had a tripod laying around so i used it to my advantage... and came up with "INTEGRA"