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Shreshth is a music producer, filmmaker and photographer based in Vancouver. He studied Professional Recording Arts at LaSalle College of Vancouver and won Best in Show. After releasing music with ADSR Recordings, Groundwerk and Qilla Records and working with various local Vancouver singer, songwriters and bands, he moved on to pursue a diploma in film production. He's worked on projects with Made Man, Joe Chiccarelli, Said The Sky, Blue Prints and recently finished his short film, Accessory After The Fact. Shreshth also started doing photography in 2018. He's worked with various Vancouver models and done work with Blue Prints, You Plus One and AnjunaDeep brands.

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Cinematography | Directing | Editing Demo Reel

by Shreshth Singh
Film & Audio
LaSalle College Vancouver
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The Last Chapter EP

by Shreshth Singh
Film & Audio
LaSalle College Vancouver
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So Real EP

by Shreshth Singh
Film & Audio
LaSalle College Vancouver
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Movie Demo Reel

by Shreshth Singh
Film & Audio
LaSalle College Vancouver
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Music Composition
Film Scoring
Audio Mixing
Audio Mastering
Studio Recording
Sound Design
Post Production
SSL Duality
AWS 924
Oram Consoles
Logic Pro
Pro Tools


Composed music for LaSalle College of Vancouver Commercial

Composed music for Elusion Short Film

Mastering Engineer

CasaCaos (Electronic Music Label) Presently mastering new releases featuring artists from Brazil, Berlin, London, Paris and Vancouver

Nathan Hall - Squamish EP (Electronic Music Producer)
Mastered 3 songs Deep Techno EP that got released on CasaCaos

Vridian - Perplexed EP (Electronic Music Producer)
Mastered 4 song Deep Techno EP for a duo group based in India. EP was put on Beatport Top 100 Techno releases of 2016

Rennie Foster - Just A Mask (MI DI Remix) (Electronic Music Producer)
Worked on a remix master for one of the most accomplished underground Techno producers Rennie Forster

Recording and Mixing Engineer

The Pointed Sticks (Band) - Recorded, mixed and mastered 2 songs dedicated to their friend Paul

Pigeon Falcon Hawk (Band) - Recorded, mixed and mastered 3 songs

Bunnie (Singer/Songwriter)- Composed the song, recorded her vocals, mixed and mastered for her first release

Simple Machines (Electronic Musician/Violinist) - Recorded violins for his track and mixed the song

Ravensdaughter (Singer/Songwriter) - Recorded guitars and vocals for her first release and a collaboration song for my album

Colin Ablitt (Singer/ Electronic Music Producer) - Recorded vocals, mixed and mastered his song

Angel Huang (Singer) - Recorded vocals, mixed and mastered her song

MI-DI (Electronic Music Producer) - Mixed and mastered his EPs that got released on Rennie Foster Record Label and ADSR Records

Nathan Hall (Electronic Music Producer) - Mixed and mastered his songs that was released on CasaCaos and his first single release


Professional Recording Arts (Diploma)
LaSalle College of Vancouver (formerly known as The Art Institute of Vancouver) 2017

Communications, Arts and Technology (Diploma)
Simon Fraser University 2015

Rock School (Guitar)
Gurgaon School of Music, India 2014

Honors and Awards

Diploma in Communications, Arts and Technology
Winner of IMUR - FFL Remix Contest
Signed to Groundwerk Recordings and ADSR Recordings

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