Genre: 3rd person, action-adventure shooter ​ Target Market: Midcore; Fans of games like Uncharted and Tomb Raider ​​ Synopsis: Join Raven, as she searches for the key to a lost treasure, fighting off the army that's after her. Use all her abilities to fight, stealth, and puzzle your way through the lost city.  ​​ Play Length: 15-20 minutes ​​ Development Engine: Unreal Engine 4 Development Time: 9 Months Development Credits: Developed solely by myself

Animation & VFX/LaSalle College Vancouver/90wy1krepgu4a1b9it8682gj7fptweyj
Animation & VFX/LaSalle College Vancouver/3to2926qi0duig3ltbwhyfw8f1227c6i
Animation & VFX/LaSalle College Vancouver/44d10nxkb5phbbgt6rnqzcrbnsy6wf8o