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Cyber Streets

Concept Cyber Streets is a lover letter to all things 80’s, cyberpunk, retro futurism and anime. The goal of the project was to develop an off the hook fast paced action game where the player gets to experience what it's like to be an extremely nimble cyberpunk ninja. The pillars of the combat experience are: Lightning fast melee combo attacks that overwhelm enemies Super acrobatic and agile movements to engage or evade enemies Fighting enemies one on one or against a whole group of them, AND Frantic, subversive combat encounters. The four types of enemy encounters are:: One Vs One in an Open Space One VS Many in and Open Space One VS One in an Enclosed Space One VS Many in an Enclosed Space Players will need to master the stamina management melee combat system consisting of combos and dodge mechanics. Every action the player takes with the exception of walking drains the player's stamina requiring them to carefully evaluate their next move at every turn in order to be successful. Features implemented into the game to support the combat pillars and increase the player’s fun factor are: Multiple weapons that consume different amounts of stamina and deal different amounts of damage A Simple RPG Level system to increase the player’s health or stamina cap Environments and enemy encounters that were designed to create frantic, subversive combat sequences. Cyber Streets Demo Reel

Cyber Streets Demo Reel

The Player comes fac


The Player comes face to face with the first heavy enemy in the game's critical path.

A screenshot of One

1 vs 1

A screenshot of One on One combat.

Input Layout for the

PS4 Controls

Input Layout for the Sony DualShock 4 controller.