Character design: Clive

Clive is a botanical illustrator that above all she loves her plant-baby Kenny. // Cons: Forgets things easily, clumsy, easily gets anxious and hates crowds // Pros: Friendly, imaginative, caring and makes amazing tacos. // Her best friends name is Gumer, a waitress with a tough attitude. They both decided to move to a big city to chase their dreams and as you can guess things don't go all that smoothly.

Graphic Design/LCI Bogotá/3a2kq28lzthp4mtyixbnt772rxvq4b7f
Graphic Design/LCI Bogotá/f7ae4nwmq3d9p11h5gazozp8lt75tf1u
She was made for a c

About the project

She was made for a comic (personal project) // Comic consists of variouse short stories // Genres: Comedy, slice of life // Protagonist