Blinded by Honesty

This was a project done in Creative Software at LaSalle College. We were required to create a scarf that represented us. The scarf was created and designed in Adobe Illustrator.

Many thoughts came t

Many thoughts came to mind when brainstorming for this project. e main concepts revolved around fashion, travel and pattern. ese concepts are all the things I am passionate about and also what de nes who I am. My scarf is very minimal however still represents my style. I used neutral colours and just a pop of blush pink. I used the letter of my name “c” in order to create a pattern for the background. ere are many roses represented in the four corners of my scarf. Roses have various meanings based on their colours. ey signify purity, love, truth and fresh starts. ese are all the values I hold strongly. In the centre of my scarf, I included closed eyes which ties together with the title “Blinded by hon- esty”. Honesty is a very important value in life, however sometime we are too focused on it, that sometimes we might become naive to everything else.