Part 1: Inspiration and Story Board What is your inspiration? Your story board will be jumping off the point in terms of props used, any theme, materials, etc… The story board will be the overall feel for your displays. You will create collage of different inspirational images. These images will guide you when setting up your directive so that the feeling is constant throughout the project. Part 2: Floor Plan Using a program create a one floor shop. -Front door, display windows, cash desk, fitting rooms, back of house area, washroom, etc. -Fixtures for clothing -Mannequins (in the window and in the shop) -Make sure mannequins are in clusters of odd numbers: Example 3 or 5 -Any other furnishings, for example: carpet, plants, lighting, seating for customers, etc. -Fitting rooms -Make sure the your store has a good flow in terms of traffic patterns, spacing between fixtures, a clear line of sight etc. Part 3: Wall Displays  Create 3 wall displays. Each wall display is to be different, with no two alike in terms of wall set up / design. Use your Fall / Winter colour palette  up to a maximum of 4 colour choices.

Fashion Marketing/LaSalle College Vancouver/WINDOW DISPLAY


Fashion Marketing/LaSalle College Vancouver/MOOD BOARD


Fashion Marketing/LaSalle College Vancouver/4 PANEL WALL