2 Sales events Part 1: Here you will cover in-depth the who, what, where, and why, and how. Think “outside of the box” in terms of creating 2 unique, memorable event in detail in terms of how it will work, what’s involved, and how much it will cost. Your budget is $100,000 you choose how to spend your budget. Part 2: Create 3 different advertising elements for the sales event. For example-VIP invite, store posters, bag stuffers, postcard mailers to customers, etc. Make sure you include all relevant information in your advertising. Part 3: Create a timetable for the event on terms of the event dates, delivery dates for all advertising elements to be shipped to the stores, dates got the set-up / execution in stores, dates to promote the event to your customers (e-blast, personal phone calls, bag stuffers, etc.), and dates for tear down end of the event). Part 4: Create a cost chart form all of the costs incurred for putting on each sales event. For example-cost of printing all advertising material, the number of copies being printed, catering costs, rentals, advertising space, venue, etc. Create a separate chart for your grands total budget is, what you spent, and savings (if any).

Fashion Marketing/LaSalle College Vancouver/2 EVENT INVITES