Women's Trend Report

This trend report is for Womenswear Fall 2017/18. This trend report was created with my classmates; Cynthia Di Lalla and Olivia Mpinga. It was a project for my first semester course, Creative Software Application. I put together the "Design Matters", the "Canadian Designer" section and I created the header. I was also the Creative Director, which meant that I put together everyone's work to make a clean and seamless trend report. Credits for the sourced imagery do not appear here in a visual sense, though are present nonetheless within the submited interactive .pdf version (Note* a .jpg has been uploaded to the LCI Education Network). In other words, the student claims authorship only insofar as the arrangement of imagery, text, and shapes are concerned with the expection of the student's bio. All other credit is attributed to those persons involved within the original output of featured works.

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Other Credits

Olivia Mpinga contributed to the "Earthed" trend and Cynthia Di Lalla contributed the "Infusion" section as well as the biographies at the end of the report.