Alexis Nihon Window Display Competition 2018

As part of a Visual Presentation project, my group and I had the opportunity to design a window display for the Alexis Nihon complex. This display was inspired by the environment and people who work and live around Alexis Nihon, as well as WGSN's 'Psychotropical' visual merchandising forecast for Spring/Summer 2018. We were lucky enough to be one of the four teams chosen to build and display our window. The illustrated design submitted for the competition was designed by my self. The window was set up in two days, and we are extremely proud of what we came up with! Attached is our mood board, illustrated design, and our final window display. None of this would have been possible without my amazing teammates: Yasmine Isaya, Amanda Marchitello and Christina Markessinis.

This is the moodboar


This is the moodboard that we created to base our window around. We wanted to keep the neon tropical ideas from the WGSN trend, but also wanted to keep it somewhat minimal and clean, which is why we had the idea of all white outfits against a white brick wall.

This is the design I

Illustrated Design

This is the design I illustrated and submitted for the project. The tropical leaves, neon pink flamingo and hanging fluorescent lights were inspired by the WGSN trend. The white brick background and all white outfits were to tie in the minimalist chic look. The reflective broken mirrors were to offset the concentration of the leaves.

This picture was tak

Progress Picture

This picture was taken after our first day of setting up our window.

This is the final re

Final Product

This is the final result of our window display!