Pattern design

As inspired by the artist Julia Rothma, I find inspiration in my daily life. I want to combine what I am familiar with and what I see often. My idea is to make these prints appear on the pillows, curtains or tablecloths at home. Food is my starting point. This is something that everyone likes, and seeing them will make you feel happy. Starting from my own life, finding what I am interested in is my creative process. I will think about what happens every day then draw representative things. As time progresses, I will see different things and eat different foods. These prints are like diaries, and seeing them later will remind me of the things I did and the mood at that time. I look for inspiration in photos on my phone, such as places I've been to before, paintings I've done, or what happened during a holiday.

Design Arts/LaSalle College | Montréal/55xtvpks8tp1yh3zd0dnjs80g4dcbq6m
Design Arts/LaSalle College | Montréal/0rmci0cdw1stcaqbr3l440amucvpvq4t
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