community project

By going through research, I have combined people who have contributed and participated in this outbreak. I chose a more obscure and less direct form of combining these people and the theme of community. Dominoes can represent every country and every person. When one fell, the others were not spared. And when someone stands up, this force also helps others stand up. However, the domino is not representative enough, because he has one side of his strength. I added the element of bowling because this way of placement is more indicative of unity, teamwork and integration.

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Each domino represen

Each domino represents the colour of a group: blue represents medical personnel, camouflage represents military personnel, blue and black represent essential workers, yellow represents the delivery person, red with a heart represents the volunteers and blue and white stripes represent the patients. In addition to these front-line staff, this entertainment software also helps us stay at home. According to the crowd survey around me, I chose the two most representative ones, Tiktok and switch. The rainbow as guardians on both sides is the slogan of Montreal " Ça va bien aller". They also represent ordinary people who stay at home. We are all different but together, these distinctions will form a rainbow. We are also the most numerous that's why there's two. The choice of colours is not random. For example, the blue colour of medical candidates is the colour of the protective clothing and masks they wear. The yellow colour of the takeaway staff is the Meituan takeaway that has represented this group on the cover of the American magazine "Time". This red and loving heart represents a large volunteer team in China, who made a great contribution during the most difficult time in Wuhan. I could have chosen to make human sculptures like stone statues on Easter Island.

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