Portraiture of a character

This project is to recreate a living portrait of the chosen art period by photograph. The period i choose is the Pre-Raphaelites. This art period was built in Britain, in 1848. Some young artists in London formed a secret society intending to create new British art. They were inspired by the Italian art of the 14th and 15th centuries. This portrait uses digital collage and modern shooting techniques to combine the preraphaelite movement's symbolic elements with a character's story: A confined girl that can only use her music to explore freedom. A cluster of flowers and golden details create a rich environment. My character's name is Elsie, and she is 17 years old. She comes from a very wealthy family. The women in the preraphaelite paintings all have enchanting poses to express the femininity and the characteristics of the characters. I used this feature to make my characters pose in a pose that feels powerless and melancholy in life. To match the character's wealthy background, I chose more luxurious cloth for her costume. I use a large velvet cloth area for the outer layer of the skirt and silk cloth for the lining. For the colour choice, I choose a red tone similar to the flowers in the background. Elsie's jewelry uses gold and pearls to continue the character's background setting. In order to match the image of women of that era, the makeup of the characters is very light and almost only the colour of blush and lipstick. Her nails are painted in pink to demonstrate the tenderness and vitality of a girl. This work uses cutout technology to create a virtual world of characters.

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