Coral and Co Australia

Working as a textile design assistant for this luxury curve brand I have had the amazing opportunity to produce a number of prints for the SS18 collection. With a focus on nature and bold and unique prints Coral & Co. Australia set themselves apart from other plus size ranges, embracing the beautiful curves of a woman with prints that accentuate the body.

Design Arts/LCI Melbourne/ty9k70s4y3gd196vtubi559bkd37g5zj
Design Arts/LCI Melbourne/y0d0w48ci3rupy7ynlfq2j7ybvr3ed1k
Design Arts/LCI Melbourne/lfqhz16fg447htgaev1johvg443sgi3n
Design Arts/LCI Melbourne/z1yw965dnhu1vd2dhumdpcf3ja2q1ynl
Design Arts/LCI Melbourne/3dil9372fzw22wv2geidza8sjb2ai9x1
Design Arts/LCI Melbourne/0wfv2fgyg65omwu1hgpzn149yfxbwd0q
Design Arts/LCI Melbourne/sffa1ku81qy895zyn4x7zp8p3meurfcd