Languages and Technologies: C++ (pointer, reference, overloading function, structure, template etc.) Description: Using this application an admin can add groups, courses, teachers and students. Teacher can check his courses, and input marks to student. Student can access their results for individual course.


Analyzing and thinking is the main key of developing a project. Storing information and make relationship between the information was the major challenge for me. I have used different types of variables for storing data according to the given information. Teacher’s information, student’s information, courses, groups and their array indexes are stored in different structure data type arrays. To insert and display information I have used pointer. I have divided my project into many small pieces of functions. Before I started my program I have analyzed and sketched most of the functions of this application that I have used in this project. It is an integrated application where three types of users can access this application. According to their major activities I have tried to draw the flowcharts of this application. The flowcharts are about user access permission, inserting teachers, courses, groups and students information. And finally I have sketched the summary of Grade Tracking Application project’s flowchart where you will get the short information about this application.

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