Languages and Technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap. Description: Using this website car dealer can display his products and services. Client can browse specification of cars, customize cars, add services, and order for a car. Client also can access individual account where he gets all information about him, his products and services.

ECOMMARCE SITE (MYAUTO)_Technical Document

“MyAuto” is not only a website it is a platform based on car dealer where you can find different types of cars of different modern brand existing in the world. It is real life web project where the user will get the real test of a website. In this site a user can access the page, see all products and can explore the product as well as build the car using special tools. The user can order a car and services by online and check that order in his personal account. To develop these types of dynamic site I have used four different type of web programming language. I have used some browser based technology like cookie to make this project more realistic and user friendly. To create different tools for building a car according to client requirement I have used JavaScript. To give the website more dynamic and stylish I have used the popular JavaScript library called Jquery. For this course purpose I have used temporary storage like array and variables to store information of this project. During developing this project I have tried to use all functions of internet programming which was taught by the teacher in this class. And this project helped me to understand the basic knowledge of internet programming language.

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