Language and Technologies: C#, Collection, DAO 3.6, Windows MDI Form, OOP. Description: To create new database or to explore existing database definitions, this application is very useful. By using this application, we can create new table, add fields in that table and creating relations between tables. This application also able to display created relations. It has attractive user friendly interface.

* Provide relation n

Add Relationship between Two Tables of Selected Database

* Provide relation name * Select Parent table * Select parent index field * Select foreign table * Select foreign field

* Insert table name

Add Table of Selected Database

* Insert table name * Add fields * Define primary key and auto increment field

Information Technology/LaSalle College | Montréal/Display Relationships

Display Relationships

Information Technology/LaSalle College | Montréal/Open Existing Database

Open Existing Database

Information Technology/LaSalle College | Montréal/Create New Database

Create New Database