The Passage of Time - Lost in the Nowhere and Beyond the Veil

These artworks were my final project for my Visual Productions II class of Fall 2018. With the general theme being the Passage of Time, I used spray paint and stencils to create what comes to my mind when I think about this aspect of life: the end of it. The end result was this pair of paintings that served as the artwork for the metaphorical vinyl record cover for a song that relates to the theme. These two paintings were inspired by my late grandmother, that passed away from breast cancer in 2010. I was too young to understand at that time. I always question where she is now, this wonder manifested by the first board, but I take comfort in the thought that perhaps, just perhaps, death is not the end for her. I take comfort that she still exists somewhere, which I recreated in the second painting.

The first half of th

Lost in the Nowhere (Spray paint on wood board, 24x30 In, 2018)

The first half of this pair, "Lost in the Nowhere" was inspired by a song of the same name. This particular artwork is meant to represent the fragility of life and how, just like in relation to the theme, time will take all in due time. As mentioned beforehand, this painting was inspired by my late grandmother and the idea that to her family, to us, she was lost to the void.

The second half of t

Beyond the Veil (Spray paint on wood board, 24x30 In, 2018)

The second half of the pair. As opposed to the first painting, this one holds a happier ending. As the title implies, this artwork depicts a woman that has passed away. The veil in the title represents the unknown that is the afterlife, one of the mysteries that humans have yet to solve, if they even ever do so. Inspired by my late grandmother, this scene expresses the idea that perhaps there is something after death. That death is not the end. Something that we can only see ourselves when our turn comes.

This cover is the en

Vinyl Cover for Rave Cyanide's "Lost in the Nowhere" (Digital Montage, 2018)

This cover is the end result for the project. Inspired by the song "Lost in the Nowhere" by Rave Cyanide, the two bottom partitions are organized to be the front and the back of the cover, while the two upper squares are the insides. The paintings used for the outsides were barely edited, with the front being only slightly changed to include the song's title and the creator's name. The insides are simply the words "Lost in the Nowhere" repeated over and over. The fact that this element is on the inside of the cover was a deliberate choice on my part as I wanted to represent the obsession and grief that takes over the inside of a person's head immediately after a close one's passing. Here is a link if you wish to give the song a listen :