Dieu Lieu

Dieu Lieu

Information Technology
LaSalle College | Montréal

ReMax Win application (C#, Bunifu(education purpose), Visual Studio, DAO, OLEDB, Excel)

The application for selling and buying house. Regular user will have the different accesses comparing to administrator.

This WinApp will giv

User WinApp

This WinApp will give Admin the way to create new user.

This WinApp will man

Employee WinApp

This WinApp will manage, add, remove, edit Employee's detail and information.

The Window applicati

House - WinApp

The Window application for adding, removing, editing House (Actions are done by Admin)

This App is for clie

Client WinApp

This App is for client who log in as a client.

Employee WinApp and

Employee and House WinApp

Employee WinApp and House WinApp can be run at the same time. This ability gives Admin the convenience to be multiple-tasking.

The image viewer win

House's image viewer

The image viewer window provide a detail look of the house.

Remax Win App