SMCL fashion show

During the month of November 2017, the second year students from LaSalle College organized a fashion show. The SMCL fashion show had four different groups, such as Alter Ego, Balsate, Element.all and Spark. This year, I was chosen for Alter Ego and it was a great experience. If you did not attend this year's fashion show, you missed something!

The entire Alter Ego


The entire Alter Ego team was amazing. At the end of the night we were all very close to one another and I met incredible people who made my experience so much better.

Is walking the runwa


Is walking the runway stressful? Many people might think it is stressful because you can trip and fall, start laughing, you don't know where to look and so much more. However, it's very different that what people might think! Walking the runway is not stressful at all because you are in your ''zone'' concentrating on walking pass a crowd of people. It is not stressful because you are not walking the runway alone.

During the show, Alt


During the show, Alter Ego's part was very successful because of how original it was. We had dancers in the middle of the stage dancing while we were walking the runway. It made things much more interesting for the crowd.

I'd say the silver l


I'd say the silver lips are the number one thing that added everything to the entire show!