Humanitarian trip to Pucallpa, Peru

In 2015, I did my first humanitarian trip to Lima, Peru with my high school. It was a great experience in a way that I had the chance to travel and help the others who suffer from poverty. Two years later, in 2017, I did my second trip to Peru, but this time, it was in a different area, I went to Pucallpa. I was 17 years old and traveling with the Pure Art foundation to accomplish our goal of building two houses in one week. Our goal was accomplished and we built two new homes for two families in need. Recently, someone asked me if I'd rather travel the world and relax or travel the world and help the others. My answer will always be: travel the world and help the others. I am grateful for many things and I am grateful to have had the chance to travel to Europe, Spain, Greece, Russia and so many other places, but I will forever be grateful to have the chance to live in an amazing country where medical aid, water, amazing education and shelter is offered. In my opinion, you do your first humanitarian trip and it will not be your last! I am saying this because I am going back to Pucallpa, Peru in March 2018 because I loved my experience. The world is so big, but so small. The world suffers from poverty and inequalities. We should rise all together to make the world a better place for everyone and abolish all inequalities and poverty because we are able to do it.

The Pure Art Foundat

Pure Art Foundation

The Pure Art Foundation is situation in Hudson, Canada. Every year, for the past ten years, they travel to Pucallpa, Peru with many volunteers to accomplish their goal: build a house for the ones in need. It is an amazing foundation because they sell fair trade clothes, jewelry and so much more. This picture shows the team who worked on a house in March 2017.

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The young kids are i


The young kids are incredible in so many ways. Even by living in such poverty, these kids are so happy and it made me realize that you do not need much to be happy in life. What warms your heart throughout this trip, is their smiles.

Pucallpa, Peru

Throughout my seven days in Pucallpa, I filmed a video to show you the current situation of the city.

The Pillars of the Pure Art Foundation

This video was filmed by the Pure Art foundation showing us their main goal.