WashUp Bath & Body

WashUp Bath & Body is a dog grooming package project for urban dog owners. The design of the container and the labels were inspired by the scent of the products, while the illustration in tropical style on the package features the ingredients. The shape of the container was chosen to bring convenience for dog owners, and the color of the logo indicates the ingredients. The lively illustration in a bright color background on the container symbolizes the traits of the products while the chosen font is in bold which brings a compelling aspect to the buyers. The challenge of the project is to design the shape of the container as the dimensions should be accurate and correspond with the design of the bottles. Dog owners want to purchase safe products for their dogs; therefore, it is important to have an outstanding designed package along with the color palette and the graphics that will be able to get the attention from the customers at the first sight. The objectives of the labels are to inform the customers that the products are safe to use and using graphics to deliver the features of the products even on a small label. The solution of this is to have a straight forward illustration and eye-catching text to convey the traits of the product. The result of the project is to strongly show the characters of the products while the information is notably informed to the customers.