Christin Wu x Leux Studio - Photoshoot

This project is a group-of-three project of Advertising Class. In which students are required to choose a brand, create the creative content, and develop an advertising photo or video campaign for the brand. About Christin Wu & Leux Studio ~ Christin Wu is a local modern premium footwear line and created to fulfill customer’s need to express their confidence and admires cosmopolitan lifestyle. Christin Wu offers elegance and seductive design at the same time. Traditional craftsmanship, modern silhouette and classic styling are combined to create a timeless yet contemporary look. Most importantly, each design has its own story, inviting its wearer to be the star of the tale. Leux is a high end ready-to-wear brand intricately designed to meet the needs of the women today. Leux products revolve around pieces that women can wear from day to night, and to be your go-to choice in your wardrobe. Therefore, in each design process, Leux aim to sustain versatility and distinction. Striving to deliver timeless pieces that perpetually be the right companion for you from tackling your day job to a lively night out with friends. Ultimately, LEUX is timeless elegance in every glance.

Fashion Marketing/LaSalle College | Jakarta/x2i77izifdq9yb2gyrollbvz0wud9oyw
Fashion Marketing/LaSalle College | Jakarta/uxpof8fe1kae7mmuz7lgmkpmdxgeg6qy

Other Credits

Creative Director: Cindy Francisca
Art Director: Neysa Hernanda
Stylist: Jacqueline Tatang
Model: Cris Rodrigues
Videographer: Ivan Saputra Alam
MUA: Madeleine Audina
Cameo: Gabriella Mailoa
Studio: Studio land
Wardrobe: Leux Studio
Shoes: Christin Wu