FourRs Sustainable Packaging Design

The logo used for this series of sustainable packaging is based on the word “FourRs”. Which represents four Rs of sustainability, Recycling, Reducing, Reusing as well as Repurposing. This series of beauty products reflect the word Recycling by enabling the bottles or containers to be refilled, so that the bottles can be constantly used not end up being thrown away after first use. The materials used to make the beauty products are all organic and cause no any harm to either environment and customers. The soap box has a die cut on the back. Which allows customers to repurpose it as a cell phone stand. That is where the word Repurposing can be found from the package series. Bottles can be reused as small flower containers for decoration. The letter “S” has two arrows at each end of the serif which means that the series of product are designed in order to be recycled and reused not disposable packages.

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