Elementi Veneziani

Sewing project. Ballet costume. Full making of process from the sketch to the final product.

While I only include

Inspiration, research and sketch

While I only included a few of the inspiration and reference pictures and the sketch, we actually had a full journal to do our research. This included inspiration and mood boards, outfit design, fabric shopping, prototypes and technique research, which we then presented in class.

These are a few pict

Production of the garment

These are a few pictures of when we were sewing the final garment. From the sketch, we had to develop the garment's pattern (which i still have), do some sewing tests (in this case, sewing woven feathers on a stretch base and the tutu's layering to insure it had enough volume and stiffness) and sew a prototype in a similar fabric to the final (i used the exact same fabric, only in white). Once the prototype was approved, we corrected the patterns, then cut it in our final fabric and finally, sewed the final garment.

We also had to make

Accessories and finished costume

We also had to make all the accessories that went with the costume itself. In this case, i had to make the wings, the harness to hold them, and the mask. These are a few pictures of their making.

Once everything was

Final results

Once everything was sewn and made, the school had a small photoshoot for the costume class. These are a few of the pictures taken that day