Entity Bag / Final Project

Awarded: Best business concept, E17 Mission: Entity is a vertically integrated online retailer of sustainable bags. Built on authenticity and transparency, entity delivers high functionality through a minimalist aesthetic. The project was built to develop a truly functional bag for urban commuters, a bag made to help the consumer carry out their day. We designed a simple transformable tote to backpack, made of pineapple leather and lined by a post-consumer bottle polyester lining. We then designed "add-ins" to complement and make the bag truly functional and versatile. It is a make your own bag concept with a minimalistic and luxurious flair at an affordable price. Made in Entity's atelier in Montreal, our product is local and sustainable. All communication strategy was built with our core values in mind as well as our targeted niche market. Communications included well planned social media, advertising thru channels with similar target, such as Notable, partnership with local green Co-op and participation in festivals and pop-up events.

Fashion Marketing/LaSalle College | Montréal/asvvgeypde81qwide7z0ibw2z6on7j89