"Color Trend" Spring Summer 2019

Meadowlark is one of the trendy color for the Spring Summer 2019. Considering that half of the U.S. population was expected to watch last month’s solar eclipse, yellow’s dominance in the spring forecast seems logical. And the skyward wonder will remain a conversation starter, according to Eiseman. “When these things creep into a designer’s mind, they kind of store them away like little nuggets until they are working on the next line. There’s no question using that bright color really is an attention getter,” Eiseman said, adding, “Regardless of what industry, yellow is a beacon of light. If you’re going to put something on your web site or in a window display, you know yellow is going to draw the eye. And nobody gets ignored wearing yellow.”

Subject : subject : Analysis of Factors Influencing Fashion Market Lecture : Ichwan Thoha

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