As a China-based cos

As a China-based cosmetics company, Foliage has been advertising its products as “100% natural and organic”, meaning that the main ingredients are purely natural herbs and plants. This series of design is inspired by the Chinese brush painting. Similar to this ink and wash painting, the package is intentionally designed with a very neutral color palette: black, white and gray. The tonality ranges from deep black to silvery gray. It is easy to notice the illustrations of Chinese herbs both in the product labels and packages.

Therefore, the des

Therefore, the design incorporates many elements including the illustrations of plants and wordmark with the statement “A natural remedy for your soul”, all aimed to promote the idea that this product is natural and contains no harmful ingredients. In addition, Chinese brush painting often delivers the viewers a sense of purity and simplicity, thus one reason for using this art form in its package design is to reflect the purity and simplicity of the brand. In a word, this combination of elements associates the company’s products closely with nature and Chinese herbal plants.