Soirée Mode Collège LaSalle 2019

A Fashion show managed by students in their second year of the the Fashion Marketing program. The goal for students was to collaboratively work together to scout for models, search for sponsorship, find clothing/accessories, budget for finances, create a GoFund me video for donations, create communications/social media posts, content creations and conducting a photoshoot.


"VIVID INVASION". A show which expresses who you truly are through the vivid colours inspired by the wild and fierce. Empowering yourself to rise above the norm, to confidently and bravely expose your style to the world.

Model Team Concept Montage

I was part of the model team and some of my tasks included the following: Created publications for tryouts, conducted a model casting taking pictures and model as well as taking down their contact informations, thanked all models for trying out and established the Vivid model team, contacted models for sizing/try ons and rehearsal. The day of the show, I helped coordinate the models backstage (ensuring models were on time dressed and in place).

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