In The Making

In my creative software class, the teacher asked us to create a design on Illustrator representative of our personality. Our final creations were printed on fabric.

Creating often defin

Creating often defines who you are in ways you would never imagine. It’s making yourself vulnerable in a subtle way and only certain people can actually read throught the lines you’ve created. Here’s what one person told me: “In a whole, I see a mix of who you are and who you want to be. I see a complexity when it comes to your real self and your ideal self. The partial of sky represents the sadness you try so hard to keep hidden away. The buildings represent “The sky is the limit” and the tree on top represents how you’re willing and ready to go even beyond. The birds, they’re a symbol of your inner freedom and peace in progress. The imagery of the lips releasing the smoke shows the “bad girl” within you that you refuse to let out. The lines represent your passion and determination and finally, the tense hands show how you struggle accepting yourself.” This hit me.