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-UN-CONDITIONAL is a collection inspired by a personal situation but it is also related to the change the new generation is bringing. ​ The project questions the existence of the very concept of "unconditionality" in a world where selfishness and even evilness prevail; a society capable of giving up its morality for the lowest price. ​ The collection represents a portrait of the consequences of a hypocritical society and its idyllic yet not realistic standards. It represents a "puzzle" where all pieces seem to perfectly fit together but they are opposed to each other when analyzed from a conventional point of view.

Fashion Design/LCI Barcelona/haiev82jgwy9bque73cln4818jq1lus4
Fashion Design/LCI Barcelona/lru4i5tmrh1ndnts94yfrvcs2wbv2auz
Fashion Design/LCI Barcelona/1sfbeki43aevkzll4we57gbu6z9f10gm
Fashion Design/LCI Barcelona/5hyntcrqgn2h962qr4tf45bgn9g94eau
Fashion Design/LCI Barcelona/jvakqlcwbj6t8p7vox580tjdl01lrms3
Fashion Design/LCI Barcelona/obbd0504n2dloywqocksbhps9yu58dn5
Fashion Design/LCI Barcelona/2zqwwe615xykqy5533i8p79dnhhyt18z
Fashion Design/LCI Barcelona/hdduimg1hhwp2bdmhj8lmvervjw6ly88
Fashion Design/LCI Barcelona/h8n7wuh9oro1s25z9oipwe66n8ll7zql
Fashion Design/LCI Barcelona/jhuqioel6bjczokyzla5ocmciz3q8jht
Fashion Design/LCI Barcelona/LOOKBOOK


Virtual Runway


Other Credits


Editorial photographer: Agnès Artigas
Designer and art direction: Helena Caballero
Editorial MUAH: Júlia Tarrats
Edition and post-production: Helena Caballero
Fashion film: An Otter Studio
Models: Daniel Herms / Sonny Kirchner / Pol Sabaté / Olivier Ostyn / Joma / Nico Salas / Luigui Escobar / Martí Bea
Lookbook photographer: Virgilio Gomes
Lookbook/Virtual runway MUAH: Thuya Escuela
Fashion Film production: An Otter Studio