BRANDING PACKAGING — Rafael's Sneaker Care

Rafael’s is a sneaker care and customization shop that provides high-end shoe care for streetwear sneakers. The goal of the shop is to bring quality service to their customers, and this is visualized in the branding with a vintage style, relating back to a time when quality was the norm. The logo of the shop is one sneaker stepping on clouds, like an angel in the heaven, the clouds can also represent the shape of wings of angel. The main colors for the logo are black and gold to show the simple, clean, high-end identity. The product packaging design for this shop is a sneaker care kit that allows the customers to maintain their sneakers when they are too busy for service in the shop. The kit consists of one leather bag and seven products. Seven different shoe characters were developed for each product to get customers to relate to their shoe like friends. A shoe bag, T-shirts and socks were also designed as promotional products reinforcing the company’s identity as being proudly sneakerhead.