Mixing Styles

The concept of the project was to choose two different styles and combine them in a new way. In addition, we were to create a self-portrait style.

I really enjoy mixin

Punk and Glamour

I really enjoy mixing very feminine items and something very rough and masculine. It gives a lot of edginess to the composition. Interestingly, some elements of the look carry both styles in themselves. Very high-heel booties (glamour) have a punk reference due to the studs on the ankle straps, or the pin-shaped earrings are made of diamonds.  

Mixing patterns and

My Style Portrait

Mixing patterns and integrating hand-made or vintage clothing in my outfits helps me create very personal looks. I keep up with trends to be up to date on how to create modern styles and silhouettes, however I am not blindly following them. I believe that helps me to minimize my footprint on the planet. By avoiding seasonal trends and adhering to more personal and timeless understanding of fashion, I avoid meaningless purchases.

I also enjoyed mixin

Hippie and Athletic

I also enjoyed mixing traditional elements of the Hippie style, such as round sunglasses, fringe backpack and a patchwork coat, with very trendy athletic elements of crop top, leggings, and chunky sneakers. It resulted in something unique with a character. Both styles reflect the way I approach creating looks. I enjoy mixing various textures, patterns, and brands for a unique and interesting effect.