Silk Scarf Production - Creative Software 2018

This scarf was created as a part of project #2 in Creative Software Application course for Andrea Henderson, LaSalle College, Montreal. The image on the scarf reflects an idea of gathering the knowledge. The tree in the middle with its round colorful leaves represents all the knowledge and skills obtained by an individual throughout his/her lifetime. Various colors were chosen for leaves in order to show how they enrich the spirit. Although they look rather different, all of them contribute to an individual’s development. They make his/her soul more harmonious and wealthier. This is the main reason why the scarf is named “No knowledge is wasted”. The other idea illustrated in this design relates to the first impression of someone and his/her actual identity. In other words, sometimes an appearance of someone does not reflect his/her true self. In this particular case I have decided to show rather conservative, gloomy appearance (dark blue color) and more cheerful, pleasant character (very bright and vivid colors).

Silk scarf - e-version

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