Bloom and Grow

Bloom and grow is all about growing up and seeing the best in you. It’s about going to your maximum and always trying your best and showing the best in you. In the middle of this piece is a ballerina. The ballerina represents to always do your best and to try your hardest to achieve your goals. It is in a dark green color to stand out from the other pastel colors around her. The ballerina is in the center of the scarf to draw more attention to her since it has an important meaning to it. She also acts as the stem of the rose to represent the begining of arising. The rose connected to the ballerina represents growing and blooming beautifully like a flower. It is a bright pink to convey the positive side of growing up and living your best life. The butterflies also represent blooming and growing, like butterflies do from catterpillers to beautiful butterflies. They are in a cream white color to give an elegant, simple, and soft vibe. Finally, the violet purple color in the background is to equalize all the colors out and keep the soft pastel colors.

Bloom and grow

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