Private Label Management: FU

Fu is a local womenswear brand established in 2020. Dissecting the majestic and myriad of Chinese traditional art and culture that is fused and merged into modern costume design with eastern and western aesthetic in a brand new dimension. Displaying different concepts in each season of collection yet based on classical historical records and contemporary references such as extracting elements that are found during the Yuan Dynasty, the chinese ancient legend journey to the west, pieces of Kun opera and many other chinese historical literature,culture and art forms that were being remodelled into intricate patterns, silhouettes, color complexion and innovative profiles that stays in the soul of every piece of costume. Not only just a fashion brand that creates articles of clothing, but Fu is also committed to preserving Oriental heritage from the past. As being shown from the design clothing itself, features, ambience and value that the brand has to offer.

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Other Credits

Fu Resort 2020 Collection

Photographed by Dan Putera
Style and Direction by Sean Geraldo
Model by Yen from Future Agency
Make up and Hair do by Vanessa Ayu