SMCL - "Honey, There's a Smudge on Your Lips."

Every fall, LaSalle College hosts the SMCL "soirée" which privileges Fashion Marketing students to put everything they've learned within the past two years into practice. For the 7th edition of this event, it was held virtually and brought fashion partners together, as well as influencers, bloggers and well-known industry personalities. Our project consisted of creating a LookBook by collaborating with the Fashion Design graduates of 2020 that created the collection "Where The F*** Is Judy?". As the Team Leader, I had to ensure the smoothness of operations, have exceptional communication strategies and make sure our work was met at every deadline. Below, I present to you "Honey, There's a Smudge on Your Lips."

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Fashion Marketing/LaSalle College | Montréal/0ffwxjaapr84ka0kt9o6kfbmr5v7ww79
Fashion Marketing/LaSalle College | Montréal/qrkm6eah5b6q54eelwhiphxjrgxavrov
Fashion Marketing/LaSalle College | Montréal/i1zj083qhgz1wbjngzhjfrfhik9irbk4

Other Credits

We would like to thank:
LaSalle Fashion Design graduates:
- Jacky Sophocle
- Jessica Crisafi
- Solène Jarry
- Pascal Favro
- Tara El Barraj
- Richard Zekry

- Neva Douville
- Yasmine Perard Laporte
- Franck Lewis Ismail
- Alaric Cound Perras

- Raphaël Rahim Nikiema

Film Editior:
- Mathieu Gauvin

Makeup Artist:
- Jessica Reyes

Hair Stylists:
- Vasiliki Netsanopoulos
- Catherine Lévesque

Venue of the shoot:
- Main House Cowork

Instructor for SMCL20
- Christiane Berthiaume