• Jiachen Yang

    Jiachen Yang

    Fashion Marketing
    LaSalle College | Montréal
  • Dongho Kim

    Dongho Kim

    Fashion Marketing
    LaSalle College | Montréal


Inspired by vintage menswear, buildings, cars, and most importantly the war wear for women, in the age of women's movement, HommeGirls who wear the "power suit" are back. Project instructed by Milan Tanedjikov, product printed from Art of Where, and photoshoot done with photographer Kaven Tremblay and our dearest model Steph & Josh.

Fashion Marketing/LaSalle College | Montréal/6npvqnkdardm0vzcr0rjpl5c6ux9pcd9
Fashion Marketing/LaSalle College | Montréal/0h4sqde5ophznypzj77jn6sog2qciu3f

A highlight from Killing It Softly 4 represents our theme well.

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